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Vojvodina Basic Facts

Total area: 21.506 sq km

Population: 1.931.809 милиона; 26,87% становника у Србији

Ethnic groups: Serbs, Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks, Croats, Ruthenians, Muslims and others (26 different ethnicities)

Languages: Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Ruthenian, Croatian (all official languages of Vojvodina)

Total GDP: 8,43 billion euros; GDP per capita – 4.335€(2011.г.)

Import: 30% у укупном увозу РС; Export: 36,4% of total imports of RS (2012.)

Working population: 760.721 (2012.г.)

Unemployment rate: 26,7 % (2012.г.)

Higher Education:three universities, twenty-four faculty and four scientific institutes, close to 4,800 employees in the research field

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  • Mihajla Pupina boulevard, 16
    21000 Novi Sad
  • Autonomous Province of Vojvodina
    Republic of Serbia
  • Phone: 021/487-40-00